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The moment a client joins Rayat Marketing is set to achieve pioneering projects. We passionately offer 360° marketing solutions to local and multinational brands seeking to connect locally with their customers in Saudi Arabia.

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marketing research and strategy


& Strategy

Competitor Analysis - Digital Marketing Assessment Marketing Strategies 

Marketing in Saudi Arabia, and to Saudis, has unique characteristics. A strategic and tailored plan designed based on your industry’s research in the Saudi market accelerates your product launches, campaigns, and social media accounts’ results. Our digital solutions, split to three ways, walk you from uncertainty to authority.

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Social Media Content - Social Media Accounts Management Online Customer Service Support - Digital Reports and Analysis

Social Listening - Online Ads Booking and Management Influencer Management

digital marketing


Over 55% of companies carry out digital marketing without a strategy. To change this scenario , we will simplify your digital marketing narrative to two elements, imagination and science. The plot is a data-driven creative team.

marketing personnel


Promoters - Events Hostesses - Merchandisers

Market Research - Field Survey 

Support your marketing team with skilled outsourced marketing task-force across the kingdom, even in remote areas. They play a key part in communicating the organization’s marketing message. Our knowledge will empower you. 

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creative marketing campaigns

Media Production - Motion Graphics

Animation Graphics - Media Booking

Apart from your Hub and Hygiene marketing content design that makes you visible and engaging, your Hero campaigns create high-impact content and reach a broad new audience. From ideation to execution, the creative process that we follow ensures that your brand goals are achieved.

event management


Entertainment - Corporate - Exhibitions - Roadshows 

This End-to-End event management service not only helps you run your local events smoothly but also to reap the benefits of brand-building, sales and connecting with your prospect customers in Saudi Arabia. Plan and enjoy your event without the hassle of budgeting, scheduling, logistics, venue finding, technical support, transportation, decor, event security, visitors management, catering and more.


Exhibition Stands - Display Units - Corporate Printing 

Customized Corporate Gifts 

production management


Gain exposure with bespoke corporate promotional products designed to your brand’s needs.

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