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Marketing Personnel

Support your marketing team with skilled outsourced marketing task-force across the kingdom, even in remote areas. They play a key part in communicating the organization’s marketing message.


Our knowledge will empower you. 

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We provide brand representatives to be your ambassadors, to increase product and service awareness and sales. Companies, especially in the technology industry, can depend on our hired tech promoters to explain and showcase products in your selected showrooms. 



Grow your retail business with our experienced workforce, e.g Food & Beverages, Fashion Shops, to manage product selection, stock and supply, shelf installation, placement and display within your distributed stores in Saudi.   

Events Hostesses

events hostesses

Hire trained hostesses that can handle security, ticket sales, event admission, event decorations, traffic management and yet indulge your guests in hospitality. 


Our event staffing process guarantees to have your occasions well attained.

Market Research

market research

Gain insights on the performance of your products, customers’ behavior, stores footfall, prices, offers and promotions, and your competitors in the Saudi market. 


Our team produces simplified recurrent reports, gathered from on-ground observation and detailed analysis to help you take confident steps.

field survey

Field Survey

Reach your customers wherever they are in Saudi Arabia. Our market survey team can be outsourced to locate and gather real data from your target audience, pull and store information which transforms into comprehensive reports using CAPI Survey Software.

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