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It’s All About Our Clients

Rayat Marketing helps you to organize marketing campaigns, keeping the mission statement and tone of the company in mind, and establish a wide variety of personal connections which we use for promotions. We have a great deal of influence over the image, tone, style of the company, and building new connections.  

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Rayat Marketing promoters demonstrate and provide information on products or services for various brands and/or companies. Our duties include showing potential customers how a product or service works. Also answer questions and aim to convince customers to buy a product or service.

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What make us different?

Rayat Promoter in number :

RayatDynamics by our clients through a web and mobile dashboard.visual reports on data gathered and pushed to be accessed manage their market research, collect, organize and produce that enables our on-ground promoters and merchandisers to Service Operation System. A sophisticated marketing tool  is a fully comprehensive Retail OnlineALL COVEREDWE GOT IT.







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