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Sales And Marketing Are Different

Sales And Marketing Are Different:

How to integrate them?

  • The difference

Your marketing team’s job is to inform and attract leads and prospects to your company and product or service.

On the other hand, the sales team works directly with prospects to strengthen the value of the company's services to convert prospects into customers.

Think of marketing as a message addressing the broader public to capture interest, while sales messages address those who showed interest.

  • When to market?

Since marketing focuses more on raising awareness and educating the audience about your brand, it’s fair to say that it should come before you attempt to sell the product or service.

That’s why many marketing experts encourage teaser campaigns or launch advertising campaigns with an objective such as Reach, Awareness, and Video views. “[People] need time to learn, trust, explore and get ready to act [buy]” says Daniel Priestly - entrepreneur, international speaker, and bestselling author - in his book “Oversubscribed”. Daniel revealed this secret to successful campaigns, saying that the key is “ send and collect signals before asking for any firm commitments” and even before you launch your product, service or event.

  • When to sell?

The customer journey to purchasing has been getting increasingly complicated. Buyers are constantly bombarded with messages asking for their attention from businesses, including your competitors.

We now find that buyers, online users more specifically, are distracted easily with a short attention span of eight seconds (and decreasing).

These findings are highly relevant to your business. Your salespeople have increasing challenges to managing relationships with potential clients (prospects), providing solutions, and communicating short, concise and direct messages that eventually lead to a sale. It’s you need a call-to-action.

The build-up phase by your marketing team is then integral to your sales. Without it, the sales process will struggle, if not fail.

  • How to integrate your sales and marketing?

While sales and marketing teams might have different approaches, they share the same ultimate goal, your business growth, revenue.

87% of sales and marketing leaders say collaboration between sales and marketing enables critical business growth. (LinkedIn, 2020)

So, to integrate your sales and marketing efforts to achieve growth is by forming a service level agreement SLA, or put simply, by gathering your marketing and sales team in one room to:

  1. Goals: Define their shared goals

  2. Personas: Identify the buyer personas

  3. Leads: Outline lead generation tactics

  4. Lead management: Set protocol for lead management (who manages what)

  5. Measurement: Outline how sales and marketing performance will be measured

When these points align with your teams, your sales and marketing’s integration is guaranteed to attract more qualified leads and generate more revenue.

At Rayat Marketing, we offer 360° marketing solutions where our marketing and sales teams can achieve this integration and better serve our clients.

Get in touch with us today if you have any marketing and sales requirements.

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