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How to Meet International Standards in Saudi Arabia?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

To speak the language is one thing, but to truly understand the culture is the essence of marketing.

From the USA to Japan, our partners represent companies from across the globe that need to connect with our local market, Saudi Arabia, in authentic, advanced, culturally-adapted and logistically effective ways.

In this blog, we share the top learnings from our experience with global clients and even local authorities, such as Intel, Sony, Canon, GACA, MOMRA and many others.

There are demanding requirements to meet a unified quality management system QMS from multinational companies due to market globalization and ever-increasing customer expectations.

Other significant challenges were to overcome cultural limitations, especially in Saudi Arabia, employees’ readiness and attitudes, regulations, and technological limitations.

As a local company, we faced many structural and organizational challenges such as the corporation’s size, type of activities, and the different quality indicators for international companies.

We found that our agility, flexibility, know-how, and Rayat Marketing management’s full involvement were the essential requirements to overcome the challenges we meet, the systematic and human.

Our accreditation, credibility, and expertise make us the destination of these multinational companies and major local companies and government authorities.

Our key takeaways from these challenges are:

  1. Growth and advancement:

Working with “GLOCAL” companies increases our exposure to best practises in strategies, policies and other disciplines.

  1. Access to innovative technologies:

Most multinational companies operate from several offices around the world. This scale pushes them to seek advanced and integrated technology solutions, which drives us to adopt and adapt to new technologies.

  1. Tolerance and development:

The richness of cultures and backgrounds within those companies and our team’s involvement in the day-to-day activities, projects’ execution, and delivery enable us to accept and learn from these interactions. It contributes to the team’s personal and professional development, insights, decision making, and better team players.

Are you looking to connect your GLOCAL company with our local market? Get in touch with Rayat Marketing team to help you overcome the challenges.

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