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5 Reasons You Need a Marketing Strategy

Small, medium and large companies all need a marketing strategy. Your company size is only relevant to how big and complicated your strategy is. The real importance of creating and using a digital marketing strategy is to adopt digital transformation and support company growth. Businesses face daily and seasonal challenges to acquire and retain clients, remain a relevant brand and increase sales. In this blog, we cover 5 main reasons explaining how a marketing strategy could be a solution to your challenges. Let’s start...

You’re directionless 

When you don’t have a marketing strategy, it means that you’re working impulsively, performing ad-hoc activities and you won’t know whether you're actually achieving your goals; if you ever do.

At one point of your journey, being spontaneous and having the market needs steer your decisions as a start-up might work; you see that the business is growing and customers are increasing. However, this will not always be the case, especially with the constant market, trends and customer behaviour changes.

Being guided through a tailored strategy, means that you have a foundation in place, clear strategic goals to reach, competition to watch, customer personas to target and agile tactics that change as you and your industry evolve.

You’re losing business to competition 

Watching your competition can be a double-edged sword. You could either be wasting too much time watching and worrying about your competition, or you could be oblivious to how your competition is winning your online market share. One of the greatest things about having a strategy is the consideration of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. By keeping an eye on your competition through Social & Digital Listening as part of your strategy, you can keep an eye on your competitors’ activities. You monitor what is working and what is not, learn from their mistakes, get inspired by their success, seize more opportunities and improve your market position.

Your campaigns are failing

Have you ever spent relentless weeks and thousands of riyals on an amazing campaign concept only to be disappointed with the results? There are many reasons why campaigns fail. It could be the wrong timing, objectives, targeting, budgeting, messaging or lack of optimising. A strategy gives you the confidence to plan and implement a campaign that is fitting with your goals. Your hero campaign can only be heroic when you receive professional support to optimise your campaign, increase results and reduce costs by running the right ads to the right audience on the right channels.

Your customers are not engaged

Simply creating attractive visuals and writing smart captions doesn’t get you engagement. Not unless you have built strong relationships with your existing and potential clients. Have you ever been surfing social media accounts and wondering how certain raw content received high interaction? Or how an egg photo got more engagement than educational content? Or how a silly unedited video went viral? There are many reasons for that but the formula can be quite simple: science and creativity. As a business, you must understand what your audience needs, interacts with and expects from you. Creativity on the other side is to be bold, to experiment with new things, to share them with the world, to analyse and to improve consistently. Strong relationships are the driver of engaged customers and sales. Socialise with them! 

Your communications are not integrated

It’s very common to have your marketing and business activities work in silos. The sales team chases clients, the marketing team runs promotions, the customer service answers to angry phone calls and messages and the decision makers miss the big picture. An integrated digital marketing strategy means that all your communications tools, messages, calls, campaigns, customer database and more are integrated in one place giving you the confidence and power of knowledge, and visibility over the processes in which each team is working. Integration allows your business to work smarter, not harder. 

Are you still wondering whether you need a strategy or not? Give us a call and let our marketing experts keep your worries at bay.

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