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The ‘Less Is More’ Principle in Design and User Experience”

‘Less Is More’ is a concept popularized by Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in describing the minimalist aesthetic.

Today, web and graphic designers have been embracing this concept in building and delivering minimalistic designs. How? By using only the necessary elements to a given design.

Why? Because it has a positive effect on the user experience.

Let us explore how minimalism can be achieved then move on to why brands and businesses need to embrace it in their marketing (and operations).

How do you achieve minimalism in design?

  1. Essentially, by removing all unnecessary elements and distractions. Think of placing high-level content on top, offering less options to eliminate indecisiveness, and communicating as concisely as you can.

  2. Carefully choosing and placing relevant and attractive imageries to communicate ideas. These can be as focal points, backgrounds, or to create a symmetrical balance. Less imagery can also mean faster page load.

  3. Clean and readable typography plays an important role in a user’s first impression and experience. Choose font palettes with one or two fonts families that complement your brand identity. Readability can also mean using bullet points where applicable.

  4. Similar to your typography, select one or two colour palettes for your site and design to be used as a background texture or as an accent.

  5. White space is not an enemy. Use it to attract the user’s attention to a product/detail. Avoid having multiple focal points fighting for the user’s attention because you might lose them.

If you’re still unsure, let us prove why your brand need to embrace it with some powerful UX statistics:

  • 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience.

  • If a website needs more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of the people leave the website.

  • 70% of people look at lists with bullet points. 55% look at lists without bullet points.

  • 52% of users say the main reason why they won’t return to a website is aesthetics.

Final Thoughts

We believe that minimalism is a concept to be embraced not only in design but rather in your marketing, operations and creative campaigns.

Some of the most successful advertising campaigns are built on a simple idea and a short catchy line (or even music).

Who doesn’t recognize the brands behind “Just Do It”, “I’m Lovin’ It”, عيشها, متر ونص, اعرف حقك

While minimalism is not an easy concept to apply, we believe it’s worth pursuing. Depending on your industry and line of business, you can choose the design concept that is most suitable for your brand such as Functions, Usability, Simplicity, Technical, Nature and much more.

Contact Rayat Marketing, it’s that simple!

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