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The Positive Effect Of Understanding The Market Insights And Target Audience On Creative Campaigns

Some of the best marketing and advertising campaigns of all time go to Nike Just Do It Campaign in 1988 and Coca-Cola Share A Coke in 2011. While crafting unprecedented ideas is an important factor for creative campaigns, we believe that the two most important factors that made their campaigns successfully impactful are: market insights and target audience.

  1. What Is Market Insight And What Does It Reveal?

It is the process of conducting a deep market research and analysis on your target market to discover relevant, actionable and unrealized opportunities.

The findings it reveals are partly issues that your target audience is experiencing due to a lack in products or services, or maybe a bad customer experience on the part of your competitors.

  1. Your Target Audience: Niche or Mass?

Your target audience share demographic elements such as age, gender and location that group them under a certain segment. Whether your brand offers one or many products and services, you need to know who and where your customers are.

Even further, social and web listening goes beyond these quantitative demographics to reveal what we now consider qualitative psychographics to describe traits of humans on psychological attributes.

  1. Market Insights & Target Audience Determined: What’s Next?

Now is time to find the solutions that your product or service can provide to your target audience.

Craft your messaging eloquently and clearly to hit on those core issues to ensure you connect with your consumers on an emotional level that drives higher conversion.

Remember that although your product might be designed for a mass audience, it is still essential that you draw personas to represent the different user types that might use your service, product, site, or brand in a similar way.

Recognising people’s individuality and personalizing the campaign will empower your brand and your campaign’s messages.

What do you know about your target audience and market? If you can’t answer that, Rayat Marketing team can help you with market research and designing tailored creative campaigns destined to go viral. Get in touch!

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