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Celebrate with Us The New Identity of Rayat Marketing

In the face of global technological advancement, we choose to adopt it, learn from it and improve with it. This is what motivated Rayat Marketing to go through an inspiring and exciting rebranding journey.

For over 16 years, we withheld our business and brand values while serving hundreds of customers. Today, we preserve the values but bring forward a fresh mindset, modern identity and a set of national and international talents who are eager to keep serving and growing with us. 

Our legacy is represented by the vast experience, knowledge and workforce we have been providing throughout the years. What we want today is to leverage this experience while giving opportunities to our youth, men and females, to share their ideas, creativity and passion to connect people through proven methods but also not be afraid to innovate.

This new identity holds within different ways to reach and serve your company and all our existing partners. Our thought leadership, content and production will carry out international standards with local flavours. 

Our success with major multinational brands in the technology sector during the last 16 years came from our capabilities and focus on field workforces i.e promoters across the Kingdom. This has now evolved to our Marketing Personnel department along with rounded marketing solutions and a basket of offerings to support mega campaigns, roadshows, exhibitions and conferences, inside and outside of Saudi Arabia. 

With 2021 around the corner, we understand the importance of providing your business with a partner that gets all your marketing needs and makes sure it’s delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. Rayat Marketing is now a 360° marketing agency, making it your only destination to serve and connect with your customers in Saudi Arabia, in main cities and remote areas. 

The Rayat Marketing 360° team promises to raise the bar of competition up to leading local and international agencies so you wouldn’t have to go very far. Wherever you are in Saudi, we are just a call away and our doors are open, waiting for you with kahwa and dates.

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