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It is critical for the success of any business to be fully aware of the market and how it operates to be able to take the suitable set of decisions in any given situation. The process of understanding the market is not from simply gathering market data; rather, it is from the ability to appropriately analyze the data and “read between the lines” to understand why and how the information came about; Thus creating a reliably usable database generating knowledge enabling decision makers to take the well informed decisions. Rayat Marketing has the ability to provide a thorough analysis and study supporting the best strategy for success combined with constant updated feedback to cope with the ever-changing market environment. This analysis helps our partners avoid any crisis should it occur, or to overcome its effects. This unique ability comes from our ease to access market data, automated data gathering and reporting, experience in different fields and markets, and from sister companies, which includes but are not limited to the following: • Horizontal and vertical product analysis • Branding plan and strategy • Customer behavioral and industrial analysis • Marketing consultation and planning   • Marketing conceptualization

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